Router for two large USB3 hard drives as a media server in Sonos Windows 10 app

I have two 8TB USB3 drives (each a Glyph Blackbox) that I want to place on a network router to act as 1;) one drive a media server: 2;) the other as a back up drive for the first. Are there any experiences with the forgoing description and/or router recommendations that have two USB3 ports?

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some TP-Link routers have 2 usb3 ports and have built in media servers as well
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Skip the router option and look at using a Raspberry Pi micro computer for your music server. Very easy to set up, more secure than the router option and under $50 for the hardware you'll need.

I have had four Sonos streams going from my little PI at one time, with almost no CPU load so it should support about any Sonos setup. It will be a bit slow on doing disk to disk copies though, it is USB 2 and only has a single controller.
Stanley_4, Thanks for the reply. I have looked at the raspberry pi, especially the 3b that is supposed to support USB. But need to be sure the pi supports the large drives. Thanks again, drpii
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All versions of the full size Pi support USB with four ports. The 3b is a quad-core unit but a Pi 1 is plenty for a couple music streams if you have one in your junk drawer, otherwise go with a v3.

The Pi runs Linux (and others) under Linux it supports drives far larger (16 exbibytes with xfs) than the Sonos track limit will use.