Removing 1 of 2 subs

  • 28 August 2021
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I have 2 x  Sonos Subs (Gen 3) connected to my home theatre system in my Living Room - Arc + OneSL (L) + One SL(R)

I have purchased 2 more OneSL for another room and want to separate one of the Subs from my existing system to pair with the new speakers. 


How do I remove just 1 of the Subs as the tab in Settings just nominates ‘Remove Subs’

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4 replies

Thanks for the advice. 

Forget Subs should work OK. I haven’t followed this exact path. After the forget, the SUB’s will probably ask to be reassigned to new rooms.

I don’t think that it will be necessary, but it would be safe to Factory Reset the two SUB’s after they have been removed from the ARC.

Thanks. Do I need to reset the Subs to factory settings or will Forget Subs do that anyway.? Just thinking that they will automatically go searching for existing set up when re-powered back on. 

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Probably because the Subs are seen as one by the system? Why not remove both Subs and then add one back? Remember you have to do the Trueplay again…….