Record Player hook-up

  • 19 October 2016
  • 3 replies

I hope someone can advise me on them best approach for connecting my record layer to my stereo Play:3 setup. I have a pre-amp for my record player and since the play:3 speakers are already active with built in amp, do I need to run the line signal from the pre-amp through a Sonos Connect or connect amp? Seems logical to me that I wouldn't need the connect amp since the speakers are already active? Not sure. It's pricey so I want to get it right. Many thanks!!!

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3 replies

Any Sonos device with a line-in will work. The Connect would be your least expensive option.
Here is another scenario for you. More expensive but not hugely so, and vastly better IMO. The Connect is pretty expensive when used for its primary purpose (converting a conventional hifi into a Sonos player). But it pains me even more to think of anyone dropping that much cash just to get a iine-in.

So instead please consider selling the Play:3s and replacing them with two generation 2 Play:5s. Then use the line in on either of the P:5s for your turntable.

Net cost of this option (at UK prices) £500 ish. Result - vast improvement in the sound quality you will experience for years to come.

Net cost of Connect - £280. Result - no improvement in sound quality

Unless it is absolutely impossible for you to find the extra cash, I think this is a complete no-brainer.
Thanks a lot guys. Very helpful!