recent mesh install now disconnects Sonos

  • 19 November 2022
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i recently installed a mesh tp-link to my home network. I have connected the  sonos boost ,playbar, one, one sl to the new mesh wifi network. It works fine for a few days then most all sonos products drop off and only the playbar remains.  I’ve gone through re setting up to the new mesh network at least 5 times , it all woks for bit then drops off products over time.  Any help appreciated, should I disconnect boost? and just use the new tp-link is that the cause of the sporadic dropping of products ?




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Is the TP-link mesh system running in ‘bridged’ ’Access Point’ mode to your main router (recommended), or have you set the main router ‘bridged’ or to operate in ‘modem’ mode and using a primary TP-link hub as your router? .. Can you perhaps first provide the details of your setup so some suggestions can then be made, as there are often various ways to run a mesh WiFi network. It would be helpful to know too what features (if any) have been switched off on the main router if that has been ‘bridged’, or not, (ie if the WiFi adapters have been disabled etc?)