Questions About Local Music Library

  • 14 January 2020
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I am dealing with a large music library that won’t fully index because although it does not exceed the 65K song limit, It apparently does exceed the tag/path limits.

I have found some older posts that talked about being able to view my current track summary by using the following paths


However, neither of these 2 work any longer.

How can I access/view my current track listing so that I can locate and repair any tracks that exceed the tag/path limits? Surely there is a way to access the track listing stored somewhere in the sonos system.

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2 replies

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We lost acces to a lot of stuff in the name of adding security to protect clueless users, that was one of the casualties.

Submit a diagnostic to Sonos, contact Support directly to have them examine it and give you your track data usage numbers. They have 24x7 options on the Contact page.

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Use Plex instead