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  • 31 January 2019
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I had some random thoughts this morning about recently added features to Sonos as well as some other commonly requested products or features. I wondering if combining some of these could come up with a compelling product. The features that are driving these thoughts.

- A product request that comes up from time to time is a speaker smaller than a play:1/Sonos One that could be used for smaller spaces, such as bathrooms and hallways.
- The Alexa integration now allows setting up Sonos rooms (speakers) as 'preferred speakers' so that all music requests are played on Sonos speakers instead of the echo device. One good use of this is to improve Alexa's ability to hear you by placing several echo dots spaced out in a room, all of them with the Sonos speakers as preferred.
- Google integration is coming soon.

So what if Sonos came out with it's own version of the echo dot/Google mini?
- The device would be around the same size the dot or mini.
- The device would have lower power requirements so could be powered through USB or possibly an optional battery. This would allow for the device to be placed in more convenient locations.
- The device would be Alexa and/or Google enabled, giving users the ability of both in the same device.
- The device would be an accessory to an existing Sonos room. In this way, all music requests would go to Sonos room it's bonded to. Other request could duck the Sonos room, or if technically possible, Alexa would respond over the Sonos room speakers (I think the later would create too much wireless traffic)
- Multiple devices could be bonded to the Sonos room to give better room coverage with mics.
- The device would have a light ring or chime option.
- The device would have a separate volume setting than the Sonos room it is bonded to.
- If possible, multiple devices tied to the same Sonos room would appear as a single Alexa device/Google device in their respective apps.
- If possible, the device would not count as part of the 32 device limit. It seems like this could be possible if it's functioning the same way an echo dot does now, 'bonded' through the Alexa app to a Sonos room.
- If possible, the device would have RCA inputs to wireless provide an aux input to the room it's bonded to.
(The idea comes from this thread)
- If possible, the device could also be used as it's own separate room instead of as a accessory. That way it could be used in smaller space like bathrooms and hallways.
- In the future, Sonos could implement it's own, or a 3rd party, voice assistant that will allow for control of music from local libraries and music services not currently supported by Amazon or Google.

Although the dot and mini currently sell for $50 and under, I would think a Sonos version could sell for $100 and under...if it has most of the features listed above. That said, I don't know that Sonos can do all this, whether existing speakers could work with this, or whether it would create a bad relationship with Amazon and/or Google. This is just pie in the sky thinking for the hell of it.

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Hi melvimbe,

Thanks for the detailed suggestion. This sounds like a neat product. I'll send in a feature request for you.