Problem with Group between PLAY 1 & PLAYBASE

  • 19 August 2017
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Good afternoon to everybody. It´s my first post in this forum,

I own a shop in the south of Alicante, Spain where I sell SONOS systems, and recently had a little problem with a client.

She was looking for making a little group with a PLAYBASE and PLAY 1. The intention was to keep hearing the TV when she is at the kitchen,

The problem we are having with this is that, after 10 minutes (or the next day) she turns off the TV, she needs to go to the computer for make again the group between PLAY 1 and PLAYBASE when she wants to watch the TV again.

It´s and old person and she doesn´t want to be turning on the laptop all the time for making the group again.

Somebody knows how to make a permanent group?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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1 reply

In the settings for the TV room, switch 'Ungroup on Autoplay' to Off. This will stop the Play:1 from ungrouping when the TV is turned on.