Power-save when running over normal WiFi?

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after upgrading to 5.1 I took the step to start using my normal WiFi. The Sonos-only network worked fine but since I have multiple switches I have experienced the STP-problems now and then, specially after a power-outage.

I run a UniFi network with several APs and I see the various ZP (I have six in the network at home) connected.

What I don't see is now my question - players that no longer play are still active on the network. Being environmentally concerned I simply wonder if the ZP still goes into power-conservation mode (like switching off amplifiers) even if they are on the standard WiFi network.


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Yes, regardless of network connection, Sonos components will enter a low power mode (turning off amplifiers, for example) when music is not being played.
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You might still be in "SonosNet mode" if you have at least one speaker wired, if http://forums.sonos.com/showthread.php?t=41433 is correct.


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