Playbar 5.1 setup with LG tv

  • 21 May 2020
  • 3 replies

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Can anyone recommend a way to get true 5.1 sound not stereo out of a setup with an lg tv that doesn’t seem to push it through. I have a sub and 2 play ones as well as playbar. Using an Apple TV and an hdmi splitter switch as i have a blu ray and Nintendo Switch also and only 2 hdmis on tv. 

3 replies

Ah. Does your HDMI splitter not have an optical output that you’ve connected the PLAYBAR to? As many folks have posted in the Home Theater area of the forum, that solution seems to work for most cases, at least for devices that can send a Dolby Digital signal via HDMI. Not sure the Nintendo has that capability. The challenges for blu ray players are covered in many threads in the same area, essentially you have to lock them to Dolby Digital where possible, or choose the Dolby Digital soundtrack on the disc itself. Sonos can not process a DTS signal, nor can it be sent across an optical connection. 

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The splitter does not have an optical output unfortunately. Do you have a recommendation for one. It’s as you say, the tv apps give me 5.1, the Apple TV & Blu ray do not.

No, I don’t use one, so I have no experience in order to recommend one. Perhaps one of the many threads in the Home Theater section of the forum might give you some guidance, or just search Amazon for HDMI switch optical, and make your own judgement.