Playbar + 2 Play:5 (surrounds) + Turntable = ???

  • 20 January 2017
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I'm scratching my head here. I have a surround setup with a Playbar up front and two Play 5s in the back: Music is the priority, movies when it's chilly at night.

Play 5s have an aux input, which is a solid reason why I forced over the extra cash (sound is obviously the other). Plugging in the turntable (has a preamp), or anything for that matter, doesn't allow me to select "Aux In" on the app.

Have tried countless times, tried the other speaker, resetting the whole system, resetting the controller, nothing works. But... If I plug just one play 5 into the turntable and not group it to the system during initial setup... It works. But as soon as I add it into the group, aux no more.

Anyone have ideas or suggestions in their similar setup? Really boggled here!

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2 replies

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The line-in on the PLAY:5 is disabled when it's paired as a surround speaker with the PLAYBAR.

( I believe this is also true of the CONNECT:AMP when being used as rear speakers.)

You could remove the 5s from being bonded with the PLAYBAR and the line-in will be available. But would then need to re-bond it, and I get that it is a bit of a drag.

Apparently there are technical challenges with enabling it when connected as a bonded surround system so Sonos hasn't implemented it despite having it requested.

On a side note (and #unaskedforinput) the 5s are, in my opinion, overkill for surrounds. I'd acquire 2 Play 1's for surrounds and free your 5s to be a beautiful stereo pair on their own....
Ah bummer, this is a total drag. I guess I should have figured this out on my own. Thank you so much for your insight sharkb8t.

(#alwayshappyforinput) That would be a sweet setup, 5s for music, 1s for surround duties. I live in a studio apt in Manhattan; space is premium. The play 5s paired with a Playbar provide the perfect total sound (+ ample bass without neighbor annoying subs) when grouped as one, and work great as surrounds when called upon for the occasional movie. Throwing 2 more speakers into the mix is just overwhelming. There'd be more speakers than furniture here!! 🙂

I guess this is going to require more creativity and thought. Or trips to the Sonos store to track down the development team. Fun times ahead.