Play One and Android phon

  • 19 April 2017
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Hello All -
I would like to use my Android phone (Galaxy S5) to provide a hot spot and an Asus netbook as a controller for one of my Play Ones so that I can have music when away from home - in hotel rooms etc. I am pretty sure that I have seen this described on the web site (It certainly is for iphones) but can't find anything for Android phones. Is anybody able to describe what I need to do please? (And, if I do this, would the music on the phone be playable?)

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1 reply

You can do this. But make life easier for yourself. Get a travel router. That way you will often be able to stream using the hotel's internet connection (although some will have streaming restrictions) and there are numerous other advantages. I use this one:

Btw, if you use the phone for a hotspot, then no you can't play the music on it.