Planning for new construction

  • 1 August 2022
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Hello. I’m a longtime Sonos customer at home, and I’m now building a small cabin that I want to prepare for a good Sonos setup. It would be on the first floor, which is essentially one (not huge) great room as shown in the attached drawing. It will be music only (no TV), and the goal is somewhat more than “background music” but somewhat less than “critical listening.” Most of the listening will probably happen in the kitchen area while cooking, but I’ll want sound throughout. Would the best bet be Sonos Ones mounted high in the corners of the front and the back of the house? Or something else? And when you’ve got, say, four or six speakers in a “great room” setup like this, is it better to do two stereo pairs or just group them? Thanks very much for any insights you can offer! 



1 reply

Generally, I’m not so keen on four high mounted speakers in the corners. Where are your seating areas or areas of main activity, such as a kitchen island?

Definitely, this will be a single zone of Grouped players.