Phone can't control music outside

  • 18 July 2020
  • 3 replies

A close friend of mine likes to take a sonos speaker (Play: 3) on his back porch for having music outside. He does not have Sonosnet set up as far as I know. His speaker seems to connect to wifi fine and be seen on the single AP network, but his wifi signal does not extend well outside so his phone cannot connect and thus there is no way to control the music.

How could he fix this? Would a wifi range extender work in this situation? I think he would like to avoid having his sonos speaker connect to a different network provided by a range extender. Would naming the SSID the same as the main AP work? 

I will ask him if he can move his AP closer to the back porch, but barring this - what would be a good solution to extend the wifi coverage?

3 replies

Moving the AP might be a solution, but this is not usually a popular option. Otherwise, how effective is the WiFi coverage?

The wifi coverage is fine inside the house, but is spotty on the back patio. I’m going to see if he can move the AP.


What about a range extender for the wifi, would that cause problems with the Play:3? Would the Play:3 attempt to connect to the range extender?

How is the SONOS system setup? Are any SONOS units wired to the network? If any SONOS units are wired to the network, SONOS switches to “SonosNet”, a private wireless network optimized for streaming audio. SonosNet ignores WiFi and WiFi ignores SonosNet, but they share the same radio band. In SonosNet mode, WiFi extenders are not much of an issue for the SONOS system. Best practice would be to use different channels for SonosNet and WiFi. Use channel 1, 6, or 11 for WiFi, do not use “Auto”.

If none of the SONOS units is wired, then SONOS is using WiFi and WiFi extenders can cause issues.

I’m not a fan of extenders regardless of a SONOS system or not. While I prefer wired access points, the new “mesh” technology is much better. By the way SonosNet has been mesh since inception in 2005.