Pairing Sub with Play:1 pair (stereo) and separately with Playbar

  • 25 April 2020
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I have a big great room (kitchen/family room) currently set up for stereo with two Play:1 speakers and a Sub. Love it, fills the room with music.  Now looking at a Playbar, NOT to use Play:1 speakers as surround speakers as they are not positioned properly for this purpose.  I’m hoping that the Sub can be assigned in such a way as to be the subwoofer for music when listening to the Play:1 speakers and as a subwoofer for the Playbar when viewing TV.  I asked Sonos support but their response was not helpful as they assumed that I wanted to use the Play:1 speakers as surrounds. 

I have a feeling that what I am proposing to do is not possible — that the Sub can be assigned to two different “functions” (stereo music with Play:1 speakers, and then switch to Playbar-Sub for TV viewing). But before I give up on this idea, I thought I’d check with the So os Community to see if anyone else has encountered or proposed this configuration.  

1 reply

The SUB can be bonded to a single room at a time. You could choose to go through the process of unbonding and rebounding the SUB to move it between rooms if you choose, but I suspect you’d quickly find that to be onerous.