One speaker from stereo pair stops working

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The left speaker of my Sonos Five pair occasionally is silent when I first start listening to the system.  It usually comes back after a few minutes,  then it’s fine.  I created diagnostic report 1618710578.    Can you please look at the report and let me know what’s happening?


My post before yours stands. You're unlikely to get a response from Sonos Community moderators until Monday. You can still contact Sonos Support at the 24/7 options as I indicated.

Here is my diagnostic report 1742961977


The plot thickens: it appears the right speaker goes out mainly when I’m playing on Apple podcast using airplay. When I use the Sonos app to play, it appears to work fine, again, as long as it’s not an Apple podcast. 

Any insight from the diagnostic report?

It appears it affects one physical unit, regardless of if it’s assigned right or left, and regardless of where in the house the unit is placed. 

I have the same issue. Right speaker cuts in and out. Diagnostic report 1839638851. I can’t change the wireless channel because none of my three units are wired. It doesn’t make sense that there would be wireless interference when the stereo pair are 4 feet from each other! And only one cuts out over and over for two years? No it can’t be wireless interference. When I move the right speaker it doesn’t correct it. 

What might be worth trying is to temporarily unpair/ungroup the two speakers and just swap their positions and see what happens with the speakers after that. It’s clear the devices are 4ft from each other, but I don’t understand why you can’t change their WiFi channel or the channel-width on your router? Perhaps try fixed channel 11 or 6 and set a channel width of 20MHz and ensure that both speakers are set a metre away from the router, or any other wireless access point.

One speaker works and then turns off and the other speaker works. 

Diagnostics report #1780382386



Line-in connections can have different bandwidth use on different devices. Turntables tend to send much more bandwidth than smartphones, for example. You can use the compression setting in the Sonos app to set the line-in to compressed, and see if that helps.

We recommend keeping a couple feet in between your Boost and router.

Hi, I’ve got a similar issue - stereo pair works for streaming on my Play1’s, not for line in though (where only the left works) Diagnostic is 52994965

One speaker works and then turns off and the other speaker works. 

Diagnostics report #1780382386


If it is physically powering itself off then that sounds like a hardware fault (perhaps🤔?) but if it’s just dropping the audio sent to it, I would maybe look at the possibility that it might be a network issue. If it’s wired then try a different cable/port etc; if not, maybe first try a different wireless channel and just see how that goes.

Hi @Airgetlam,

Thx for the answer. If Sonos find an issue about this behavior why they don't display anything about this on the faq or something else?

I waste 2h with the support chat asking for dummies tests (socket swap, cords swap, Ethernet link etc etc).

So what are my options?

The issue can be fix or I need to send my device to support?

Was facing the same problem and started reading the help forum through and through but nothing helped. 

Solution that worked for me: I connected one speaker with a cable directly with the router. Then devices  create their own wireless network. Much more responsive in daily usage and very stable. 

If you can manage to at least connect one speaker, I would do that before you buy expensive repeater or boost products etc. 

Same issue here. Right channel of stereo pair won’t play. I’ve tried un pairing and re-pairing with the same result described above In other posts.

diagnostic: 182570923.

I’d expect that you would need to wait until there’s a software release that purports to have a fix in it. I can’t speak to how much information Sonos engineering shares with their (likely third party, in many cases) phone support folks. 

I wouldn’t expect that sending in a device, if it’s a software issue as suggested in that thread, would be overly beneficial, for either you, or frankly Sonos. They’ve apparently identified the problem, which suggests that they can reproduce it locally, and are working on it. Patience, as ungratifying as that may be, seems to be the only path to take at this moment. 


I’m having this issue as well. Two Sonos One in a stereo pair trueplay tuned, but the right speaker does not play music. Diagnostic number is 137599950

If you’ve tried the things suggested above and not had any success, I would suggest you perhaps also contact Sonos Customer Care.

Diagnostic report 1477804040.

Two Roams. After I create the stereo pair, only one speaker is playing. I can initiate pair creation starting from left or right - the pair is created - but only one speaker in the pair is playing, either left or right depending on which one was used as the starting point for the pair creation  So the issue is not related to any of the speakers individualy, but rather stereo logic in Sonos software.

When the pair was created the speaker were about 1 m apart, the phone used to control them was also more than 1m apart from both of them.

Access point was on another floor, ca. 4 m apart.

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Hi @Kwm 

Thanks for sending the diagnostic.

At the time of the diagnostic, it seems the left bedroom speaker was suffering from some 2.4 GHz interference. The most common cause of this is it being too close to an access point, or another WiFi device. Please make sure it has 1m separation from any other WiFi devices.

In addition, the two halves of the pair are connecting to different Google mesh nodes. This shouldn’t be a problem, but I suppose it could be. Rebooting a nearby mesh node should resolve this, at least until the speakers reboot again. It does look like you may have too much WiFi coverage in the bedroom - you may get better results by simply having less access points.

As the issue is following a particular unit, however, that sort of changes things. It may help to reset that unit - unpair it first, then follow the instructions to factory reset it, set it up again and re-pair.

I hope this helps.


Perhaps have a read through the two links in my post above and see if that helps resolve the matter. If not, then contact Sonos Customer Care to ask them to have s look at your diagnostic submission.

Thanks for the heads up. I've followed the guide by checking / changing wifi channel to one with least interference, removing a nearby wifi source, set up SonosNet, changed wifi channel on Sonos etc.

I've reproduced the problem with an optimal setup so have sent another diagnostic report to the customer care team.

Thanks for the heads up. I've followed the guide by checking / changing wifi channel to one with least interference, removing a nearby wifi source, set up SonosNet, changed wifi channel on Sonos etc.

I've reproduced the problem with an optimal setup so have sent another diagnostic report to the customer care team.

That’s okay djgw. Hope the diagnostic submission reveals the root cause of the issue and that the communication with Customer Care can help to get it resolved for you soon.
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I have a pair of Play:1's in my kitchen, configured as a stereo pair.

Several times now (maybe, on average, once every 2 weeks), the right speaker stops working. Once it stops, it never comes back and the only way I can get it to come back is to separate the pair, and recreate it. This (so far) has worked immediately every time, so it appears the speaker itself works fine (in fact, when I separate it, I can always play music directly on it).

I have a couple of other pairs of Play:1's in my setup, and only ever get this problem with the same, right, speaker in my kitchen zone. Nether speakers are wired.

Any ideas why I keep getting this problem? For Sonos support, my Diagnostic confirmation number is: 603946054.


Hi there,

Thanks for sending in the report. There's some wireless interference showing up in your report which is likely the reason for the audio issues you're having. Please start by changing the wireless channel your Sonos system is using.

It may also help to take a look around your Sonos units for any third party electronics which could be causing interference. Try moving any devices you find away from your speakers and see if that helps.

My system keeps disconnecting (always is the One SL). Please check the diagnostics to see if there is a clue. Thanks.

Diagnostic = 359973345


I’m going to add a “me too” to this thread.
I’ve already given them static ip addresses. Every week or two the RH speaker does not play as described by previous users.
A bit tedious to take time to re-pair.
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Hi folks,

The majority of the time when one speaker in a stereo pair stops playing it is due to a wireless communication error between the sides of the pair. Please submit a diagnostic report after this happens, then reply here with the confirmation number.
Ok, thanks. My report is 714549676. It’s true my new router is not making me happy as well. It’s possible the issue could be connected. Looking forward to further advice.
I’ll have a look at that. Thanks.
This is happening to me as well.
My report is 204777147, thank you for your help.