not able to reset my playbase

I followed all the steps indicated by Sonos in order to reset the device but the light just flashes white and then becomes solid white.

i lost 3 hours trying to figure this out but nothing is working.. could anyone have any suggestion?

thank you! 


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Why do you want to factory reset? This is usually wastes a lot of time and does not resolve the fundamental issue.

The app can’t find the product. So I think the only thing to do is reset.. am I wrong?

Are any of your SONOS units wired to the network? If not, temporarily wire a unit to the network. Give the system a couple minutes to work with this, then go to Settings → System → About My System. Are all of your SONOS units visible here? All of the units should indicate “WM: 0”. If you have a MOVE, it will always be “WM: 1”.

You may need to reboot PLAYBAR.

Let’s not attempt to factory reset (again) yet.

Beside PLAYBASE, what SONOS units are in your system?

I only have the play base and it’s my first Sonos experience. 
I did connect the play base throw Ethernet to the router but did not perform the extra steps you are mentioning… when you say go to settings you mean the tv settings? 
thank you! 

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No, he means the app on the phone that you’re using to set up the Playbase. I think you must have got the unit onto your network: the solid white light suggests this. (I assume it’s new, not pre-owned, but please confirm?)  Then, temporarily wire the Playbase to the router with a cable. Give the system a couple minutes to work with this, then on the phone app go to Settings → System → About My System. Is your Playbase/roomname visible here? The units should indicate “WM: 0”.

It actually is pre owned so my understanding is that I will need to reset it in order for it to be seen on the app. 
I am not able to find the settings on the app ether… I’m so lost 😢

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What phone are you using, and what software version? It should show as Version 10.6 

I think, then, that this is an occasion where you do need to factory reset the Playbase. 

  1. Unplug the power cord.
  2. Press and hold the JoinButton-24px.png Join button while you reconnect the power cord.
  3. Continue holding the button until the light flashes orange and white.
  4. The light will flash green when the process is complete and the product is ready to be set up.

Try that to reset it.

Hi, I have an iPhone XS with iOS 13.3 software.

I followed all the steps you are indicating multiple times and the light never turns orange. It just keeps flashing white and then just goes to solid white. 
Also the play base does not have a join button but play / pause. That’s what I keep pressed when reconnecting the power code.

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I think the Join button is on the left end panel in the centre.

Ok I will look for it thank you. Spent 3 hours trying pushing the start pause button yesterday.. hopefully this will work 🙏