New router to extend wifi range, can't find sonos system

  • 11 November 2017
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I have my sonos products connected through a router that is covering about 3/4th of my apartment. I decided to buy an extra router to extend the range throughout the apartment, however, when connected to the new router I can't access the sonos controller since it can't find the system. In short, how do fix so that I can use the sonos controller when I am connected to the new router as well as when I am connected to the original router?

- TP-Link router is providing internet for the sonos system and also wired connections to all the rooms.
- The newly added Asus router is connected to the TP-Link router through wired connection.

Hope this makes sense... I consider myself as a big newbie when it comes to networks and wifi etc...

Thank you!

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1 reply

Running two routers has split your network into two subnets. You need to configure the second router as an access point on the same network, instead of a router.