Networking for Sonos in a new build

  • 12 January 2020
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I’ve been googling and searching the community for a while, and can’t find quite the answer that I’m looking for. It’s possible this is a more of a networking question, too. I appreciate any guidance or advice as I’m new to this.

In total I have about about 25 devices I want connected to an ethernet port; 10 of those are Sonos products: 1 beam, 7 One SLs, and 2 Symfonisk, and I’m contemplating adding an Amp to power some outdoor speakers and a Sub for 5.1 in the living room. For some of the very low bandwidth devices (smart home hubs, for example) and for some devices that won’t be used simultaneously (PS4, Steam Link, Apple TV) I plan to daisy-chain switches. I’ll never use more than one of those devices at a time, so they’ll never need to share bandwidth. So I figure I can have fewer Cat6 jacks in the living room and just plug a 5-port switch into one of the two I do have in the TV cabinet, and then plug several devices into that. The rationale here is that it’s $10-15 for a 5-port switch, and $75 for each data drop. And I think I lose nothing in terms of performance by using a switch...

What I’m ultimately wondering is, can all of my Sonos speakers share the same ethernet connection. What I mean by that is if I daisy-chain two switches, and all Sonos speakers are plugged into the second switch in the chain, they’re sharing the bandwidth of a single gigabit port. Will that work? How many Sonos speakers can share a single connection? I know that they’re only 10/100, but I’m not sure whether there’s a limit to how many can share a port. Is it 10, theoretically?

My network will terminate in a cabinet in the basement, and I thought it would be nice to have two patch panels: one for Sonos and one for everything else. A second Sonos-specific switch would be daisy chained to the first, everything-else-swtich, and I would patch all Sonos products to the second switch.

Thank you very much for any insight!

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