Netonos Kickstarter project: Power control

  • 21 May 2015
  • 2 replies

This project just kicked off yesterday. Integrates with Sonos to control power of external amps/receivers, among other things. No affiliation.

2 replies

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Fun but question is why only US?

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I am Bob Weiner, a coFounder of Netonos and would be happy to discuss anything about it here.

We love Sonos the company and the system and we want to help integrate it even better into multi-vendor home systems. Our first product, Netonos Note on Kickstarter now listens for and responds to events from Sonos systems to control your surround receivers, send out announcements throughout a house, play custom doorbell chimes and save and restore multiple zone groupings. It sits in the background on your network and works very inconspicuously. We hope you'll join us in supporting the manufacturing of this unit in the U.S. and consider becoming a backer of the project.

We know it will stimulate further Sonos sales when out in the marketplace; reaction has been very positive.

In answer to shipping overseas, if you look at the bottom of the questions section on the Kickstarter, this is answered, just use a re-shipper service.[/size][/font]