Need advice on Sonos connectivity, down on pier at lake - 200 feet away from house

  • 21 June 2019
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I have a Google Wifi mesh network at my location. I have a Sonos Boost and 3 Sonos speakers there and all works great. Not really sure I even need the Boost since my wifi coverage is so good. I have added a wired access point down on my pier - its over 200 feet away from my house - I ran a buried ethernet line. I also added 1 more mesh point down on the pier there as well - even further from the house. Now I have great wifi in my house and great wifi down on the pier. I dont have much / any wifi signal between the two since they are so far apart, but that's no big deal. My question is: I want to add 2 more sonos speakers down on my pier to the same setup. Will I need a 2nd Boost to plug into the wired point down on my pier? If I understand how the SonosNet works, I'm thinking there is no way it reaches out that far from my house. Or do I even need a Boost at either location since my wifi is so good at the two locations, albeit poor / non-existent in between. Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.

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3 replies

Sonos can sometimes glitch when in WiFi (aka "wireless") mode on a meshed WiFi setup, in part because the various pucks often auto-select different channels. The arrangement you currently have is the recommended one, with a Boost wired to one of the Google pucks and the system in SonosNet (aka "wired") mode.

The best option on the pier would be to wire a Sonos device there. It doesn't have to be a Boost, if you can run a cable to one of the speakers instead.

If it really is impossible to wire a Sonos device on the pier, you could possibly get away with a forced "mixed mode" arrangement. You'd need to configure the Google WiFi credentials into the system, then cart one or more speakers to the end of the pier. Out of range of the house they should then latch onto the local Google WiFi. Things may however get unstable if there are marginal SonosNet signals from the house, as nodes may try to flip back onto SonosNet. YMMV.
Thanks ratty. I will plan to plug the first sonos device down on the pier into the wired wifi child puck at the other end of the 200' ethernet. Then have the 2nd pier sonos be wireless, but only about +/- 50 away from the first. I will be attempting all of this in a few weeks and will report back -thanks again.
An update.... It works now, but not as I planned. Actually when plugging a Boost or any of the Sonos devices in, there was a problem. I think it's because of my unique setup of having 2 strong areas of wifi with a dead zone in between. (i.e. a mesh wifi up in my camp and a wired mesh pod down on the pier connected via 200' ethernet cable). I think its that the subsequent Sonosnet that is created in the house can't reach the pier. Or conversely when I plugged in a Sonos product on their pier - wired to google pod, the speakers in the house didnt work so well. And when I wired Sonos products on both the pier and in the house - it didnt seem to work so well anywhere. Maybe it was creating 2 Sonosnets and the speakers were trying to communicate wirelessly over the 200' dead zone? Beats me. But anyway - when I went back to the completely wireless setup (i.e. no Sonosnet), all Sonos speakers are working great now.