Music Library Setup via NAS ... cannot figure out path name for Sonos

  • 16 September 2019
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I attached a drive to a Linksys NSLU2 NAS device. I configured my mac to mount to it, then configured iTunes to move its library to it (using all the great resources from the web). After the overnight copy I thought I was good to go. My problem is in Sonos. I am using my ipad and trying to tell Sonos to use my music library (since “on this ipad” no longer works) but for the life of me I cannot figure out the pathname! No matter what I try the “next” box on the sonos setup page stays gray ... I can’t even get it to try (as I guess). Anyone have any ideas?

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6 replies

I have a Mac ... and the Sonos controller doesn't appear to have a browse feature unfortunately (to find the drive on the network). The drive is mounted, I also have a Linksys Velop network in my home and the Linksys Velop dashboard shows the NSLU2 as active active (ethernet) device and my Mac is mounted to it (in the Finder). iTunes sees it and I was able to move the library to it ... my only issue is the mapping path for the Sonos controller (to add my music library). I don't try ot figure out the name of the Mac and that path right? I need to figure out the name of the NSLU and the strucuture created there. But without a PC that gives a clear map structure I can't seem to find that on the mac, NSLU, or the network.
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Does the Mac have any command line SMB networking tools? smbstatus would be a big help.

Looking at my controller that is set to use a server on my Raspberry Pi I see a simple: //pi-server/music
Looking at my particular library on my iPad, it says that the location for my library on my NAS is this:


One of the things I think I've seen in the past is that sometimes Apples uses a backslash "\" rather than a front slash"/", but that's old info, and I'm not sure its valuable/accurate anymore.

In my case //WDMycloudMirror is the name of the drive. You could probably just use the IP address, assuming you've got it assigned and it won't change, and the rest is just the path on the drive.
Oh, it may or may not be important to you, but the software running on the Sonos speaker is some form of Unix, I think, so using the forward slash "/" is appropriate.
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I used to use the NSLU2s back before I had Sonos, didn't realize they were still around.

First make sure it is set to accept SMB v1 as Sonos requires that.

You can try looking at your network devices and see if the NSLU2 is listed there and the path it is providing.
Do you have a Mac or PC? I can only speak for the PC controller, but that has a 'Browse' option that lets you hunt for the path rather than type it in.

Or try;

//LINKSYS/(rest of folder path)

That last one is a complete guess.