Moving "S1" speakers into a different house

  • 13 June 2020
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I just replaced my Play 5 with a Sonos Five and moved all my other Sonos devices to S2. Everything works fine . 

I am now trying to use the old Play 5 in my home at the sea. It did immediately work wired to the  router, but no way to use it just  on wifi. 


In my main house I have a Sonos Bridge and 2 other wired units , so I am on Sonos net.  In the second one,  I was planning to simply use wi-fi. I tried to disconnect and reconnect the wifi function with Sonos app, but still the device is not found on wifi ( same network SSID and pw). 


May I reset the unit and start the process from scratch ? Someone's as an easier solution ? If possible,  I would like to avoid to brick the play 5!!









2 replies

There’s something odd. You can not have a Sonos BRIDGE running S2. Is it possible you have a Sonos BOOST?

Iin your second location, you’ll need to use the S1 app, not the S2 app. And in order to connect the speakers to the Wi-Fi there, you must connect one to the router with an Ethernet cable first, so that the speakers all show up. Once you’ve entered the new Wi-Fi information into the controller, it will be passed to all the connected speakers, at which point you can remove that cable, and have them connected to the Wi-Fi. 

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Yes , a Boost !! Sorry !


the step I didn’ di was to enter the new WiFi infos: as I have the same SSID I felt it wasn’t needed . 

I now did it and it works .! I believe before the network was the same , but the play 5 was set for the Sonos net, which of course was not available there . 

“Changing” WiFi setting was working .


many thanks !