More than one remote to control volume on playbar

  • 9 January 2017
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I have an LG OLED TV and Xfinity. Is there a way to have two remotes control the volume on playbar setting (+sub+suround)? or can I only choose one? when we watch Xfinity we prefer to use Xfinity remote for X1 voice control that the LG Magic remote doesn't support, but then its annoying to back to LG remote for volume.


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7 replies

Most current TV's and cable box remotes offer an option to control an A/V receiver's Volume. The "trick" to using multiple remotes from different manufacturers is to set-up each remote to use the same model A/V receiver.
So if I have an AppleTV remote that I would like to use with my PLAYBAR, how can I have that remote and the Harmony remote I use for all the other devices?
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Hello and welcome to the Sonos community,

You can only use one model remote for the PlayBar. I have a home full of Vizio TVs and the remotes all work with the PlayBar. In your case I would suggest using a phone or iPad or such to control volume.

You could also "teach" the PlayBar to use the other remote if that is more handy but than the other one will not work.

Hope this helps
Yes you right with my Sony TV all remotes worked likely due to HDMI CEC connections but with the LG TV its very funky.....seems like they are trying to have playbars manufacturers to support their sync technology or we buy LG Play bar
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appletv remote doesn't have volume control does it.

Primarily way it works is you learn the IR codes from one remote (has to be IR remote). Then if you have a universal remote set it up to be the same IR codes and it will work to. As with original poster. If he learns his original LG TV remote to control the Playbar ... then sets the Xfinity remote up to control the LG TV .. then the Xfinity remote will send out same IR as the original LG remote and so both remotes will work with the Playbar.
AppleTV 4K Does have a volume. As does my Tivo Remote. Both remotes are unique enough that it is a pain to 'mirror' the buttons on my Harmony remote. I was able to control my previous (Vizio) sounder with any of the remotes - similar to how you can use the cable tv providers 'generic' remote to control the sound on other devices. I guess I don't quite understand how (or if) I can program the Soundbar to accept control from the other remotes.
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If they don't transmit IR (which I do not believe they do) they aren't going to be of use in controlling playbar volume on the TV.