Mixing a Play 5 and a Connect in the same room

  • 15 December 2016
  • 3 replies

In a big room can I run a Play 5 and a Connect (ed stereo) at the same time and expect everything to play in Perfect sync. Could there or would there be a delay in the Connect system? Thanks for the help, I'm new.

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3 replies

Likely will just wok, but it is possible they may not be in sync. If your amp has direct mode use that (bypass dsp). There are no option on the sonos units to adjust timing to sync.
The bypassing is needed for AV receivers - with a stereo amplifier as is commonly used for audio, perfect sync is almost never an issue.
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I've used a Connect (ZP80) with powered speakers in conjunction with a Play:3 with no audible timing issues. Source is usually Spotify, with some network hosted file shared via SMB.