Merging Sonos sytems

  • 2 November 2019
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I have/had a Sonos system in my house, wireless setup, consisting of a Connect, Play 1 and a Play 3.  I just had an AV team do some work to setup a centralized A/V distribution and in the process now have a new WiFi network in the house (the old WiFi domain still exists off the AT&T gateway).  The install has now added six of the new Sonos Amps. These are wired and creat a SonosNet.  I am trying to get the two systems merged. The Sonos website sees all 9 components as being part of my system. If my phone is on the old WiFi, it sees the older components. On the new WiFi, it sees the new. This part I understand. However, all of my added music services, saved playlists and favorites only exist on the old components.  I don’t understand why these settings would not autopropogate when the new components are logged in under the same user information.  I tried connecting the Play 1 to the router to set it up on the new WiFi domain. The app said it was successful but it still doesn’t show in the new system. I tried to “join” it and the app is telling me it needs to be reset to do so. My concern is that if I reset each of these older pieces then the saved settings will disappear.

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9 replies

Hi  You are looking at the wromg things. The Sonos website is irrelevant. It isn't in this case just to do with them being on different networks. You have two separate Sonos systems and you can't just stick them together. Assuming you want to keep your old system's playlists etc, do as follows.

1. Power off all Sonos except one speaker from old system. 

2. Power off old router.

2. Wire the old speaker to your new router and connect phone to new network.

4. Check you can play music on that speaker and your playlists are intact.

5. Post back to confirm that has worked and to get next steps!

Edit: In fact you can power off all speakers if necessary, wire one old one then power it on


Thanks for the quick reply. I will get to this a bit later.  I knew the website was irrelevant to this issue.  More of a comment that if the Sonos web world tracks my components and my user profile, I find it surprising that the saved settings don’t just upload to my user profile within Sonos rather than only existing on the components.

I may not be able to “turn off” the old router because the old WiFi network comes from the fiber gateway itself and the new router then connects to the gateway. I imagine the gateway can be set in a bridge mode to disable the WiFi signal. Haven’t explored that yet. 

Thanks again and will let you know,


Hi. OK. You want 'modem only' mode on the old router. If the only thing wired to old router is the new router, and wifi is off on the old router, that should be fine..

If you end up where we hope the  next step is to power on the other old speakers and end up with your old system on the new wifi. They should just connect automatically. No need to 'add product '

And if that all works, then you will need to factory reset one of the new Amps as you power it on. Thwn add it to the 'old system' using 'add product '.

If that works OK, repeat for the other 5 Amps.

If anything doesn't go as planned, stop and post back.


Thanks again.

One last question, it won’t matter in the end that the original three components will be wireless and then the other Amps wired, correct?

That will be fine. You can just disconnect the Ethernet cable from the original old speaker given that other Sonos components will be wired at that point.

We've got to get there first though!

Done. All connected now.