Low volume settings

  • 30 April 2020
  • 2 replies

Hi there, does anyone know if there is an option to better control low volume (volume bar in the app)? 

Especially when working at home I would like to set the music really as a background "noise”, but it seems impossible to fine-tune it when only using the far left millimetre of the bar… the first step between zero/no music to the lowest setting is already way too big. 

Is there for example an option to change the volume bar from linear to (reversed)exponential or get a "zoom” function?

90% of the time I only use the far left 1 or 2 mm and that's very limited…


2 replies

Hello @Robin Heine, and welcome to the Community. I understand that you would like to have an easier way of controlling the volume of your soundbar. If you are on the Sonos application and you have the desired room selected, you can use the hardware buttons on your phone or tablet to give you a bit more control of the volume.

However, I do like the sound of your idea and will pass that along to our development team to see if this can be added in the future.We will update our announcements forum when have more information to share on future updates.  

Thanks @Richard F. for your reply. An improved interaction with the (lower part of the) volume would be highly appreciated. I've brought it in some time ago via one of your colleagues in The Netherlands in one of Sonos yearly "tinkering” days(?)… and via the beta program. hopefully some day the idea will land ;-)