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  • 14 June 2020
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Hello All - I am looking to get some guidance on my system setup.


  • I have deployed two Sonos systems, one in my apartment and one in a weekend house. 
  • My wife and I buy music on iTunes (no Apple Music subscription) and the tunes get downloaded to all iTunes enabled computers in both locations. 
  • I have a computer dedicated as the music library in both locations: a windows PC in the apartment and and old Macbook (2007 era) in the house.
  • At the house, the Macbook acts as a file share and the Sonos setup treats the share as the indexed location. This means I have to download and re-index the library when we buy music. 
  • The Macbook no longer takes software updates from Apple for the OS or iTunes
  • I now get multiple errors when trying to sign into the iTunes store on the Macbook which makes downloading new tunes impossible so my workflow is broken.

I am looking to simplify things eliminate the dependency on dedicated computers as part of the setup while continuing to make individual iTunes purchases. 

Ideally, I would like playlists and purchased music to be available at each site without dedicated computers tied to the Sonos system. If I’m at the apartment, I want to open my iPhone and see the complete library (tunes and playlists) and all the devices at that site (same at the house) with no downloads or re-indexing. Is this feasible? Will it require an Apple Music subscription? What’s the thought on the best (simplest) way to do this? 

Looking forward to the feedback!



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