Is it possible to control my sonos speakers in another home (on a different wifi)

  • 14 May 2020
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My elderly mother absolutely loves to listen to music throughout the day.   I’ve tried many, many times - and there is no chance she could use an app (or even google home, I’ve tried!) to choose/start music.    I know this may seem like a silly request, but is there an easy solution to be able to connect to her wifi network and use my sonos app remotely to choose/play music when she calls to ask me?    I thought about alarms/timers, but I’d like to give her the flexibility of just calling me when she wants to listen to different music at different times.  I have Apple Airports setup at her home, and hoping there is a relatively easy way without creating too much of a security issue?

Thanks in advance!


5 replies

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The only thing I could think is a VPN but I have no idea if it would work - and even so, she’d have to call you and ask for a change. 

How does she listen to music without Sonos? I only ask because you may be able plug a CD player/radio into a Play5.

Although you may just cause frustration with Sonos!

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You could probably use Spotify Connect to do this. Set that up on her system, then you can use the Spotify app on your phone to play music on her speakers. I mean people have done this accidentally, so there must be a way of doing it deliberately.

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It would be great if you could use Spotify Connect.  That would be super easy, but I’m not sure it works that way.  I have Sonos setups at home and at work.  When I am home, the only speakers I see in Spotify are on my home network.  Same at work.


The only way I could see doing this would be to set up an old computer at your mom’s and leave it on all the time.  Then you could log into that computer with software like LogMeIn to control her Sonos.  I’ve done that from home to freak people out at my work.  It seems like a lot of trouble, but it does work.  Just comes down to how much you love you mom….  ;o)


I hope there’s a simpler way, but I can’t think of one.

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Just checked my Spotify app again.  There is a setting under “Devices” that toggles “Show local devices only”.  I tried turning it off, but my work speakers still don’t show up at home.  Maybe after I go there and use them again they will.  I’m not sure if that will work, but it’s worth a shot!


Edit: Looks possible:

Get a cheap pc Or Mac and install Chrome Remote Desktop At her home. Set it up With Spotify or iTunes or whatever and then remote in and control the music.