I have multiple WiFi boosters so multiple sub-networks

  • 13 December 2016
  • 1 reply

Because of the layout of the house, I needed boosters. Each has a variant of the basic router name but each has the same password. But when I move from one room to another Sonos gets lost, telling me it can't connect to the network because the one that it was setup on is now too weak, and my iPhone is logging into one of the subnetworks (it does that automatically). This is especially important when I move the speaker from the kitchen to the yard. Is there any way to teach Sonos to choose the strongest network?

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1 reply

You shouldn't be using additional routers to extend the network. You should be using access points. Routers will break the local network into multiple IP subnets. Sonos controllers and players must all occupy the same IP subnet.

Some routers have an 'access point' or 'bridge' mode. If so use that.

If not, see