How to use SONOS speaker in two separate locations?

  • 4 September 2019
  • 2 replies

I have a need to bring (3) play1s to an art show later in 2019. Once done I want them back in my house working as they do now. How do I set it up using the hotel's WIFI with no ethernet cable? I purchased a small travel router in hopes to set up system at home then take it on the road. So far I have encountered three separate problems. Have not figured out how to have a second "travel" Sonos account or controller. Have not figured out how to create the WIFI SONOS system so it is recognized by "travel" router. Have not figured out how to setup the travel router without ethernet cable at hotel.

These issues must be seen by others who want to listen to their speakers at a vacation site. What solution have you used?

2 replies

I set up my travel router to have the exact same SSID and password as my home. So the speaker just worked exactly the same as it did in my home, having absolutely no knowledge that it was somewhere else. Then there's no need to "reset" the Sonos at's just connecting.
wow... I will give that a try. Thanks