How to remove 1 of 2 speakers from surround set up and re-assign it to another room as a stand alone

  • 12 January 2020
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Just purchased a playbar, sub, and 3 One SLs (one for the great room, bedroom and office. I think I made the mistake of setting up the playbar, sub and single SL as surround because the software does not recognize a single One SL. The software wizard insists on both a left and right speaker so I designated the speaker in the great room  “L” speaker and added the speaker located in the bedroom and designated it the “R” speaker.  Two problems I need help with. 1) the “L” speaker has no sound coming out of it but the “R” speaker plays that which is on the playbar ie TV. 2) I want to uncouple the bedroom speaker from the great room configuration and make it a stand alone like the office. However, I have not found any way to uninstall/reinstall the great room configuration even after booting my network modem, unplugging all components, uninstalling/reinstalling the app and reinstalling. Any advice?


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