How to create one group for 5 sonos speakers?

  • 15 December 2019
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Hello everyone, i recently bought a beam, a sub and two one’s.
Installing was very easy and everything is working fine. Also created the surround set-up and used the Trueplay option of the app.

Due to a sound blindspot near the kitchen i decided to buy one extra Sonos One SL speaker and mounted this one on the wall.

The problem i have is the following:

I want to add the SL speaker to the existing group instead of the two living room groups i now have in my app.

Does anyone know how to do this?

It’s annoying to always have to select two groups to stream music or TV sounds.

1 reply

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If I understand correctly, the group you want to add to is the combined Beam, sub and surrounds?
sonos’s terminology refers to “rooms” - eg Lounge, Kitchen etc  

If the group you refer to is set up as a 5.1 system, called Living Room, that is the most you can have as a single room entity. But, you can then use the Group feature to combine multiple rooms or, by implication from your question, Living Room1 and Living Room 2. They can then both play the same source, and you can control the volume from the app to both rooms together or independently. The tv remote control will only affect the speaker set it is assigned to - the 5.1 setup: the other room is not affected by it. 
perhaps not what you wanted to hear?