How to configure 5.1 using macbook and Sony Bravia

Hi Folks,
I have a Sonos surround setup (play base + sub + 2 x play:1s) connected to a Sony Bravia.
With this setup I successfully get 5.1 sound coming from Netflix (native TV app) and from xbox one (connected to the TV via HDMI).

I also have a Macbook (connected to the TV via HDMI) which I use as a media center to watch movies.

I am struggling for awhile to make the Macbook to send 5.1 audio via HDMI to Sonos. No matter what I try the Macbook can only recognise 2 channels and therefore only sends stereo via HDMI.

I have done the due diligence, tested and confirmed the TV had HDMI passthrough enabled and the Macbook is capable of sending 5.1 via HDMI.

It seems the Macbook gets the information about the number of audio channels from the TV (which has only 2) and ignores the possibility of a surround system being connected to the TV via optical cable.

Any ideas of how to get around this?

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