How to clone Sonos browse options at new location

  • 21 December 2018
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I have had Sonos at my house for years. I'm in the process of selling it and several of the speakers are still there.

I'm living in an apartment in a new city with some of my speakers. The music options haven't carried over. It seems ridiculous to have to set up every input and every favorite all over again, and then do it all again if/when I end up in a new house. And then have my wife do the same thing with her logins.

Is there a way to clone the browse / music input options and logins from my old location? I can't find it.

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11 replies

Hi. Really not sure what you mean here. Provided you have at least one speaker from your system, and haven't done anything silly like factory reset or set up as a new system, everything would be automatically preserved.
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John B is on the right track here.

All music service credentials and favorites are saved on each Sonos player directly. This means that if you were to bring a speaker from your old house to your new apartment, you could hypothetically build out the rest of your new Sonos household off the "seed" player you brought from the old house.
I wouldn't say it was hypothetical!! I would say it was the same system.
Well, I bought a new playbar here, so I set it up first and added a 1 and a 5 after that. Maybe that made it a "new system"?

It makes sense to me that the credentials are being stored somewhere and should still be available. Not sure if they're in the speakers or in the cloud under my Sonos account.

If credentials are stored in the speakers, do all the speakers carry them forward? Can I bring a 1 home, get it set up back there, bring it back here, and not have to start over?

Does it matter which speaker I set up first? Maybe that was the problem this time.
No it shouldn't. If you have a speaker that has not been factory reset, or added to a new system, wire that to your router, leave everything else powered down. Connect the controller to the same network and see if the system is still there. We can go from there.
Hi. Sorry, when looking on my phone I saw only your most recent post, not the one before it about the new Playbar. Yes, that is very much a new system. Everything that matters is stored on the players - there is nothing in the cloud or on your account. Everything propagates to every speaker, so yes you can start from one speaker and don't have to start from scratch. So to get everything back, you need to do the following:

1. Power down the new system so that, in effect, it temporarily doesn't exist (as far as your controller is concerned)
2. Wire any speaker from the original system to your router
3. Your app should find it, and so you should choose to connect to existing system if it doesn't just go in automatically. Hopefully you find everything intact.
4. If so, you will need to factory reset all the speakers in your new system - you will lose any playlists etc on the new system, but I assume that isn't an issue in the circumstances?
5. Using 'Add speakers' in the Settings menu, add the speakers you factory reset to your 'old' system.
6. If you don't intend to maintain a wired connection then go into Advanced Settings, Wireless Setup to enter your new network credentials.

If you get that far, please post back for further guidance.

Note: here is a guide to factory resetting. Do NOT factory reset any of your 'old' speakers. Do not reset the new ones until you are sure you have the old system back!
I unplugged everything and just hard wired in one of the old speakers. The options from the old house didn't come up. I tried again with just the other old speaker. Same deal. No luck.

I haven't factory reset the speakers, so as I understand it, the passwords and loaded apps should still be in there somewhere. How do I find them?

When you opened the controller app, did it give you the option to 'connect to existing system', and if so did you do so? You can see and control the one wired 'old' speaker?
These speakers were already set up on the new system, but were not factory rebooted.

The Sonos system comes up on my phone without any choice as to which system to pick. The speakers have their new room names and the options have not reverted.

I just tried 'advanced settings' / 'Forget the current system' in the app. When I connect to the one plugged in speaker, it has the current options and I can't see any old options.

It seems like, although I didn't do a factory reset, when I set up the speakers on this system, it deleted the old system. I can't find an option to recover it.

Any ideas?
If you set them up on the new system that would have quite likely deleted the old info. I thought you had at least one speaker that had never had anything to do with the new system.