How do i use my av receiver as only a source connection box?

  • 21 May 2020
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I’m redecorating my apartment and when doing so I’m building my media rack into the wall.
So, I have a Sonos beam on the wall under the tv. And the plan was to have the receiver (Yamaha RX-V385) as a “hub” for all my devices (tv box/dvr, xbox, playstation). 
So the idea is that all video sources goes through the receiver to the tv but the audio goes out from the beam. (there’s no speakers connected to the receiver, only sound system is the beam)

How do I make this happen? (Is it even possible?)

(TV has one ARC input.)
(RX-V385 has an ARC output)

1 reply

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Hi @alex.norway 

This assumes all your video/audio sources will be connected to the Yamaha (including cable).

Since the Beam will only process DD5.1 or less I’d connect the HDMI from the Yamaha to whichever HDMI on the TV is not ARC (typically HDMI 1). Then I’d connect the Beam via it’s HDMI-ARC to the TV’s HDMI-ARC port. In this manner the Beam will be able to control the TV’s on/off and volume provided the TV’s HDMI-ARC (CEC) cooperates.

You’ll have to pre-set the volume on the Yamaha so that the Beam (or TV remote) can adjust volume to your liking.  Unless...there is a setting in the Yamaha that allows you to set audio-out to an external sound system (i.e. soundbar).

In all honesty I’d remove the Yamaha and invest in an inexpensive HDMI switch connected to the TV (see one here).  One less power hungry component (i.e. Yamaha).