How do I use a Sonos controller from an accesspoint (different SSID)?

  • 10 June 2017
  • 6 replies

I just set up an accesspoint which works fine when it comes to internet connection. But my Sonos controller doesnt find the Sonos network from the accesspoint?

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6 replies

Your 'access point' sounds like it could be a router. If it's still acting as a router it will split your network in two. It would need to operate in 'bridge mode'.

What device is it? And how is it connected back to the main router?
I use two Asus routers and one as AP. After finally getting it to accept being an AP, Sonos went offline/not responding. I have managed to extend my Sonos network to our poolside by Boost installation. But I cant use Sonos App Controller there, so I need to go inside to change music or volume... I think Im having some kind of IP conflict but my network skills isnt enough. Any suggestions?
Should add that I now turned of my AP but Sonos is working outside - but I cant control it from outside.
I use two Asus routers and one as AP. Do you mean two routers and an AP as well, or is the second router explicitly configured as the AP? Does it have an Ethernet cable back to the main router?

What kind of device are you using to control the Sonos? If it's an Android a simpler approach could be to configure it to attach to SonosNet, since that's already been extended outside.
I have one Asus as my main router and another one as AP, so two in total. I tried to setup the AP with cable LAN - LAN ports. I use iPhone Controller App.
What model number is the router-as-AP?