Help with room setup and multiple speakers

  • 14 June 2019
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I am looking for some assistance in setting up several sonos speakers in a portion of a large garage, approximately 32x25 ft. The other side of the garage will be used for vehicles so there is no need for speakers on that side. This creates essentially a rectangle room with walls on three sides with the left side open.

Attached is a crude drawing of the room and my initial plan.

Right now I have five One's, a Sub, and a Beam to use for this project. There is a tv mounted in the northeast corner. That is also where I was going to place the beam and sub. The five One's would be placed throughout the room on the walls as shown on the picture.

What is the best way to group these speakers for the best sound? I will mostly be using them for music from iTunes or Pandora, with limited usage of TV sound from the beam. My initial thought was putting all of the One's and the Sub in one room and the beam in it's own room. This way, the One's receive the benefit of having the sub and not having to play as low.

Thank you in advance!

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