HDMI Switch problem? Was working and now...NOT!

  • 16 November 2016
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Equipment - Sonos playbar, sub, xbox one, Arrias cable box, western digital MP, Optoma projector, 4 x 1 HDMI switch with toslink/optical audio output.

I have been running this system for a couple years and worked fine until halloween. I disconnected and relocated the projector, switch and media player for special effects for halloween. One problem I know for sure is that I did power up the switch with the wrong ac adapter (higher voltage). Went to rehook system after halloween was over and nothing seemed to work. Logically, I assumed I fried something in the switch and bought a new one. New one was same manufacturer but a 6 x 1 (all they had at Memory Express). Hooked it up and exact same problem. Problem is that the cable box has to bypass switch completely (direct hdmi to projector and optical to playbar). I powerup xbox and the HDMI works through switch but optical has to be direct from xbox to playbar. The game I typically play on xbox is NHL17 and as soon as I try to switch over to watch netflix through xbox, its a black screen with audio working. I am stumped...any advise would be greatly appreciated...

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