Grouping Stereo Paired Moves

  • 3 November 2019
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I have bought a Sonos Move and when it is not “moved” it sits on a dock next to the TV which is connected to a Playbar/Sub/Sonos 1’s group. If I bought an additional Move and stereo paired it to the existing one, can I then group the stereo pair to the surround sound group? I know Move’s can’t be paired directly to a sub, but in the case it is not being paired, but grouped. I think this would provide an extended sound stage to my existing set up.

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4 replies

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Hi danintas

Yes, you could group the Moves as a stereo pair (as long as they remain on Wi-Fi) to your Playbar which is the room so named as XXXX (as it controls your existing surrounds and sub). When playing music the sound would be in sync. TV audio may has an echo due to the 70ms delay between the Playbar and the Moves



You can minimize the latency (“echo”) by adjusting PLAYBAR’s dialog sync. Note that, as expected, this will impact the audio-video sync too.

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Thank you for your replies… Cheers… Dan

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Purchased the second Move yesterday, paired to the existing, then grouped with the  Playbar/Sub/Surrounds. It sounds fantastic for music. The latency on TV is there, but by setting it to level 2, neither the sound or video latency is too obvious, but I will use it for music only.