Garbled/Corrupted Audio after 15-30 minutes on surround setup

  • 26 March 2017
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Hello! I have quite a number of Sonos devices, but I have been having trouble with my surround setup. Currently I have a Playbar, two Play3s, and a Sub in my theater room. I have a PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, and Comcast Cable box. From these I have optical cables going to a J-Tech 4x4 optical switcher. Then one optical cable to my playbar. I have my sonos devices connected to my very robust wifi network. After anywhere from around 15-30 minutes my Xbox One S audio starts becoming garbled and eventually cuts out completely. Pulling the power cord on the playbar seems to fix it for awhile. I do not have this problem on any of my other Playbars, though this is the only room with surround sound. All devices are configured for optical bitstream dolby 5.1 (not DTS) out.

A couple of points to note: Previously all devices output sound over HDMI through my Sony XBR75X940D which then went to the playbar. In this configuration, it was my PS4 Pro that had this identical garbled audio issue. To address that problem I switched to the current configuration. Now the PS4 Pro works great and the Xbox is having the issue. My comcast box would also have dropouts with the previous config that seems to be resolved using the optical switcher. Finally, about 25 min ago I removed my wireless config and now everything is on Sonos net. Last but not least, the Sub and both Play3s in this room are hardwired into my network but the playbar is not.

For any Sonos reps, I submitted diagnostics after the most recent failure and subsequent removal of the wifi config from my sonos devices: 7227724

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2 replies

Just happened again. Sent another diag: 7231962
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