FINALLY fixed my wirless bridge issue!!!

  • 16 October 2006
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After agonizing about this issue for some time I finally figured why I could not get my wireless bridge setup to work properly with Sonos. Here is a recap of the strange problems I was having:
1. Whichever ZP the bridge was connected to would not play Rhapsody or internet radio, however the other ZPs would be fine

2. The CR would sometimes not "see" whichever ZP was connected to the bridge

3. Whichever ZP was connected to the bridge would not update itself, instead hanging up during the update process

So this weekend I decided to check the wireless bridge settings which I have not touched in about 6 months. I noticed that the bridge was set to fixed IP address. Once I changed this to a dynamic IP address voila! All of the problems I listed above were gone. Now here is the really strange thing. As I said, I have not changed my bridge settings in a long time. Prior to about 1 month ago, my Sonos system was working fine with a fixed IP address assigned to the bridge. Either something changed in the latest version of the Sonos SW or my bridge settings changed which I doubt. Anyway, I am just happy that my beloved music system is up and running again.

2 replies

About a month ago v2.0 arrived and the SONOS system was rebooted during the update. The reboot may uncover fundamental network issues that were always there, but the system accidently worked anyway.
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Fixed IPs are a shortcut and rarely a good solution to an issue.