extender vs mesh

  • 19 May 2020
  • 3 replies

Needing to uograde wifi to stop having range extender problems in sonos  wifi connection. Verizon recommending ActionTec G3100 router and E3200 extender, suggesting that because of tri-band configuration, result is comparable to having mesh network. Would that be compatible with Sonos system or am I better off just adding a mesh network to my current router?

3 replies

Is the issue just with your Sonos? Do you currently have a Sonos device wired to your router? 

If the answers are yes and no respectively, then the best solution may be to wire one of your Sonos devices to your router, so as to benefit from Sonos' mesh network technology. 

You could do this as a temporary experiment even if it would not be possible to keep the Sonos device wired.

yes, the issue is just with the Sonos system, and yes, I do have a Sonos Boost directly wired to my router. The Sonos system does fine when the range extender is removed, but the other devices in use benefit from having the range extender remain.



  1. Unplug all wireless range extenders
  2. Remove the WiFi details from the system. On iOS or Android: From the Settings tab, tap System > Network > Networks. Select the WiFi network you'd like to remove, and tap Remove. Subsequently wait about 10 min, then go to 'Settings → System → About my Sonos System' and see if WM:0 is being displayed next to each unit
  3. If so, plug the wireless range extenders back in