Dropouts in large Sonos network

  • 21 June 2020
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Hey everyone, I’ve been a reader on this forum forever and hoped I’d never have to post my own problem.  But I just can’t seem to engineer a robust enough setup that won’t have frequent dropouts among speakers.  I’ve kept upgrading and expanding my network APs and Sonos Boost count. The Matrix (see attached) looks great to me. But we’re still getting way to many stuttering dropouts and interruptions. It’s annoying and unprofessional. 


Can anyone give any guidance?


Thx, Dale




Boutique hotel on ½ acre property

4 hardwired Sonos Boost well distributed across property

500MB symmetrical ISP

Ubiquiti Unifi network (9 APs, mix of hardwired and mesh, all connected to UDM with add’l non-managed switch)

8 speaker system -  all Sonos Play:1



1 reply

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Hello @dalefox,

Welcome to the Sonos community and thank you for reaching out with your question. 

A full diagnostic report from your Sonos system will give us a better picture of how this is all coming together, please include the confirmation number so that we can look up your data.

If you could also let us know the approximate distance between individual Sonos units.

Are your players all in the same building or are the distributed across a series of individual out-buildings?