Dividing a Sonos system in two?

  • 10 February 2018
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I know this is a heated debate since it involves CR100 but this is a meant as a purely technical question. Leave any hard feelings or need to lecture each other out of it... please.

I'm a bit curious about whether it would be possible to take some zone players, and the legacy remotes obviously, out of my ordinary seup making them completely stand alone never to be connected to the internet again, never to be controlled by any new iOS or tablet. I have some old iPhones, I have an old Airport Extreme and I have a huge colletion of music on harddrive that can be distributed by the Extreme to the players. For me this would probably work well in parallell to an ordinary wifi speaker system connected to the internet. I rarely distribute music to the whole house anyway and the rest of the family really only needs Airplay or Spotify Connect.

This should work I believe. Or is there some crucial detail I'm missing? Maybe the CR100 will die in April, maybe not, who knows but I have a CR200 and the old iPhones so I would be able to keep this sytem alive for a long long time no matter what Sonos does in the future.

So my biggest concern is the old iPhones. Without any internet connection the risk of updates would be completely zero but what happens if some of the controllers for the ordinary Sonos setup on the standard wifi "sees" my old units? Could this happen? They would not be logged into the same wifi so I hope not. Is this a correct asumption?

So here are a few other questions I'm not sure of:
- Will it be possible to add more outdated iPhones if the ones I have goes? I guess the old versions of the Sonos app are nowhere to be found but can I extract them from backups somehow, cloning my current old phone?
- Will a Sonos Net be able to coexist with my standard Wifi? If I set the channels right it should work I believe?
- Another thought, can my Zone players (Z90) access the usb-harddrive directly without the old router in between? I really only need it to "convert" USB to Cat5. As far as I can see it's not needed for anything else is it?

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3 replies

With an advanced router you could create a limited VLAN for the CR100 controlled system. Another approach would be to add a second router connecting only the SONOS components and your music library— don’t connect anything to the WAN (Internet) port of this router. The CR100’s will be limited to the second network. You’ll need to be careful with the phones, pads, and computers that may be able to connect to a network that has Internet access because they might update their controller. For maximum safety, temporarily move the music storage to your regular network for updates, rather than connecting your computer to the second network.

This biggest risk is that a well meaning someone will update the SONOS components for you.
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What happens if one of the non-connected devices dies and you need a replacement, you won't be able to get one with your old software loaded.

What happens if things get so messed up that you need to do a factory reset to clear the problem?

What else am I missing that a non-connected system might have that would cause problems?
True, this is a fragile situation.