Crazy? Sonos Port working as an access point?

  • 15 September 2021
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I feel like I’m way off base here.

My Mac remained connected to the internet despite wifi turned off, the mesh access point being unplugged from an 8-port switch.

A dumb way to troubleshoot, but I’ve been getting 5mbs down on my Mac and lots of other network issues. I go and basically unplug everything one by one until finally my Mac lost internet. The Sonos Port *seems* to have been acting as a terrible network access point for my devices on the 8-port switch.

There is no way that’s possible right? Now that the port power is unplugged, my network is going strong again. The only things plugged in to my switch are 2 Sonos Ones, 1 Sonos Port, printer, Mac. The printer is not connected to wifi, neither is the Mac, at least it is turned off in the UI.


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1 reply

In SonosNet mode the Ethernet ports on wireless units will be bridged onto the network. The available bandwidth will be decidedly modest.

If the Mac is wired to the Port I have to ask: why?