Control Beam's center volume


Is it possible to control Beam’s center speaker/channel volume independently?

For example, while watching HBO original content on HBO MAX the dialogs are very muted compared to other sounds and enabling the “speech enhancement” option doesn’t solve it. 

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No. There isn’t any method in the Sonos software to do that. You may want to double check that at the time you’re actually receiving a true Dolby Digital signal, by looking at the ‘About my System’ report. Often, when you’re only getting a stereo signal, your ‘voice’ levels sound off, because they aren’t there. 

It’s Dolby Digital 5.1 but who knows what bitrate and what was the original source. It doesn’t even matter, why can’t we control the volume of the center or at least have different levels for the “speech enhancement” instead of just on or off. This is a premium sound bar and it’s expected to have such functionality.

Have we had someone from Sonos comment on this issue or after we paid a premium price for a product we just hope that someone maybe reads these forums?

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I wish we had this functionality as well. 

I found many similar topics on this forum but couldn’t find even one official reply on that from Sonos.