connecting sonos port

  • 2 December 2019
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I have bought Sonos port to connect my hifi system to the Sonos components in the house and vice versa. I cannot seem to connect it two ways. I.e. I can either connect the hifi to play through the port to the Sonos system via line in OR can connect the port through analogue line out to the rega brio r amp via phono cables, but not both. 


Surely it is designed to connect the components BOTH ways. Please note the hifi amp has no digital connection in or out. 

2 replies

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Using the tape monitor jacks works well for some folks.

That Rega has 5 inputs and 1 output (labeled #6 - Record Out).  Connect the output on the Port to one of the inputs on the Rega, connect the output on the Rega to the Line-in inputs on the Connect.  


Note, there will be about a 70ms delay on the Sonos audio compared to the Rega.  This is because the Line-In source on the Port must be buffered in order to transmit to other rooms.