• 17 December 2016
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I wish to set up as follows: (Front): Play bar and 2-Play 5's w/sub. (Rear:) 2-Play 1's....Is this doable??

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6 replies

No. PLAYBAR does 5.1, not 7.1. The front 3.0 channels are integral to PLAYBAR. You can't add extra front speakers.
Thanx, Ratty! You just saved me some money! Maybe we can go a little deeper? As I mentioned, currently I'm running a PLAYBAR, PLAY5 and Sub. They all play music together and it's BIG! Can I add 2 PLAY 1's to the mix for video playback?
Not successfully.

I take it that your PLAY:5 (Gen2) speakers are bonded to the PLAYBAR as surrounds, along with the SUB. As I said before, you can't bond any more speakers than that.

Adding 2 PLAY:1s would have to be by setting them up as a separate 'room' and grouping them with the PLAYBAR setup. This arrangement plays in sync for music, but not for TV/video.

In the case of TV the PLAY:1s would lag behind the PLAYBAR. The PLAYBAR (and surrounds/SUB) is engineered to keep latency to a minimum to preserve lip-sync. Any speakers grouped with it have to provide additional buffering, and hence delay, to be able to play across the network without dropouts.

I suggest you keep your money in your pocket and fine tune the surround settings for your PLAY:5s.
I so appreciate your direction, ratty.
I need to be clear. You said "PLAY:5's (plural). Forget the PLAY:1's (as you suggested). Could I pair 2-5's with the SUB and PLAYBAR?
Okay, so you have just one PLAY:5 (singular) at the moment? Which generation?

You can bond two PLAY:5 Gen2 as surrounds with a PLAYBAR/SUB. Assuming yours is a Gen2 then you'd just need to buy another one. They must be bonded as surrounds in pairs.

PLAY:5 Gen1 can't be bonded with PLAYBAR. It lacks a 5GHz radio.
PERFECT! Thank you for being my coach! Merry Christmas, ratty