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  • 16 May 2020
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So I know there have been numerous discussions on this but I’m drowning in the forums and some threads are so old so I’m going to ask the question…


With my Mac I can simply click the volume icon and select Sonos One as the output device so all my macbook audio is heard form the sonos one.


On my Windows 10 laptop… is there a simple solution to do the same thing? Preferably an integrated feature but alternatively a third-party solution? I presume there will be lag either way…?

5 replies

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In a word No. 


Sonos is not a computer speaker. The Mac works because it utilises Airplay 2 I assume. 


I know it is not a computer speaker. I also know your reply is not very helpful.

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Charming  I was stating the facts, and trying to answer concisely. 

Your options. 
The Sonos One does not have a line in. If you were to get a Port, Amp or a Play5 you could run the line out from your PC to one of them and could then share that Audio to the Sonos One. Not a cheap solution but possible. But you probably knew that!
If you want to play audio files stored on your PC then add that location on the Sonos app and they can be played on the Son One .


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I have no personal experience of it.

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I did find some Sonos-specific instructions on how to use this here:

The lag is two seconds apparently.