changing wifi - only one unit changes though

Hi All,

Thanks in advance for the help.  I got a new router and am trying to change the settings in my system.  I have 6 play 1 speakers, a playbar and a Sub.  I followed the instructions in the app with the Ethernet cable, but only the unit that is plugged into the router is getting the new WiFi settings.  The rest of my system is still on the old settings.  Maybe a common problem, but I can’t find a solution in the forum or online.  Everywhere indicates that the entire system would move with just using one speaker.  Everything is wireless.  No boosts or anything, just the speakers.  

thanks for the help!



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How do you know they’re still connected to the old system?

When you plug in the one speaker to your router, do all speakers show up, or just the one, on your controller?

Hi Bruce - thanks for responding.  I can still access the old WiFi network where they are still present when pulling up the app after I switch my phone to that old WiFi network.  

when I plug in the one speaker, I go through the steps that ask how many speakers I’m changing, and I pick the 2 or more option.  I don’t have a Move, so I say no to that, and then it searches, finds devices that are ready (it says, but I don’t recall actually seeing a list), then it asks to confirm the WiFi network and then plug in the password.  That part goes smoothly and the one speaker shows up in the app (on the new network), but that’s all.



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Hi @Jimjim123 

If you changed routers how is your old network active? The old router should be unplugged and not broadcasting a wifi signal or registering with a wired Sonos device. The only similarity that might be present is if you used the same SSID and Passphrase on the new router...which is not a bad idea. not just for Sonos but for all wifi clients.


Thanks Ajtrek….that’s fair.  Most other devices/clients I have I’ve been able to just easily choose the new network, but changing the sonos isn’t quite as simple.  Nonetheless, still a fair point...I’ll try the process again and ensure the old network is off and see if that works any better.  Appreciate the input.




I’d agree with AjTrek1, at least for the setup process, you should unplug the old network long enough to force the Sonos devices to connect to the wired speaker. Right now, the priority for the speakers is to connect to the network you previously told them to. They wouldn’t normally look for the network that the wired speaker is creating. Making that WiFi signal be unavailable allows them to look for the backup Sonos signal. 

Agreed and Thank you @Airgetlam ! Once I powered off the old router, I have three different WIFI networks, leaving the one I wanted to use for my 9 Sonos devices the app took care of it easily and all devices moved to the online router and wifi network.

Glad to hear it. 

My suspicion is once they find the original network, they stop looking for alternatives, like the one created by the wired component. Take away that network, and they’ll search appropriately. At least, that’s the way I would have written the code...don’t waste time looking for something new, when the correct thing is still there. 

Hmmm….odd.  Still not working for me.  Only gets the one speaker.  I’ll keep trying.  I’ve turned off the old network.  Are there other settings or ways I can delete the network from my profile?  Does it matter that the app can’t find my profile when connected to the new WiFi network?  Instead I use the “fixit” option that appears at the top and then follow the prompts for “changing WiFi network.”  It’ll work with that one speaker….just can’t seem to get the rest to follow. 


I have another suggestion that I think will work for you, but first I need to check that you are keeping the unit that has 'worked' wired when you power cycle the others?

What do you mean by ‘the app can’t find my profile when connected to the new WiFi network’ please?

In fact, here is my suggestion.  The aim of the exercise is to get two of your units working as they should do.  Adding the rest should then be routine but we’ll come back to that.  I think we need a fresh start.

  1. Keep the old network powered off.  Power off all Sonos and the new router.  Set aside, for the moment, the speaker that has ‘worked’.  
  2. Power new router back on.
  3. Pick another of your speakers and connect by Ethernet to your router, and power back on. 
  4. Make sure your phone is connected to the same network, and you should be able to see your speaker in the Sonos app.  Play some music to make sure all is well.  
  5. Go into Settings, System, Network, Wireless Setup.  Reset (delete) the old network details and enter the details for your new network.
  6. When the process tells you that you can disconnect the Ethernet cable do so.  Check that you can still play music to this speaker, that your music services, favourites etc are intact.
  7. If all is well, reconnect the Ethernet cable to that speaker.
  8. Pick another of your speakers.  As you power it on, factory reset it (see link below).  Then go to Settings, System, Add Product and add it to your system like it was a new speaker.
  9. Check to see if you now have a two speaker system.  Leave the Ethernet cable connected to the first speaker.

At that point, please post back with where you have got to.

This may be a bit OTT but it should get us to where we want to be, and nothing else seems to have worked.

Thanks John….finally got it all working.  I went through some of the same steps, but waited to see if the other speakers would join or not.  After waiting patiently for a few min, my other play 1s joined, but the playbar/sub didn’t.  Then a few min later, the playbar joined.  I tried using the tv sound to see if the other speakers would work, and they did.  It was weird for a while, because initially it said playbar + ? Instead of playbar + sub.  But sure enough, a few min later the sub joined, and now it all works.  Looks like I just needed to be more patient, but I think some of the suggestions above did help.  Thanks for all the support.  I did delete the old WiFi network too from my settings.


Thanks All!!